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03 Sep

I am sure you have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  In today’s fast paced world, the village isn’t always available.  This is why we need organizations to bring communities together.  Today’s profile is about one of those organizations. 

All About Family is dedicated to bringing all individuals from a community together.  They originally began as a way to bring kids and dads together for quality time, but has evolved to include entire families and anyone else interested in participating in community activities.  All About Family offers parents, guardians and community members an opportunity to build community together while participating in an activity where no or very minimal cost is involved. According to organization founder Brian Kelley, “People from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds have attended our group and our events have always been very friendly and positive.”   The organization strives to include people from different ability levels, ethnic and economic backgrounds in fun, educational and encouraging activities taking place within urban, suburban and rural communities.

Activities are typically on Saturdays in urban, suburban and rural settings. Many activities include a meal sponsored by a restaurant and all activities are completely open to all. Arts and other fun activities are incorporated so the broadest range of participants can be included.  Some activities encompass volunteer work such as feeding the homeless or wrapping presents for kids at Christmas time. 

Kelley states, “We have been able to serve families from all backgrounds. We focus on bringing together families to help build and strengthen them.”

Currently All About Family has several opportunities to help with the program, including

  • Assisting with a fundraising initiative for their 2011 Youth Entrepreneurship Program,
  • Helping with the Thank You Card Initiative,
  • Organizing supplies and activities,
  • Sponsoring activities,
  • Purchasing pre-made cards to help fund the programs, or
  • Donating needed supplies (click here for a list)

Kelley adds, “We are looking for more families and volunteers to get involved so that we can help build and strengthen families throughout the Twin Cities area.”

Activities are held at multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities.  Currently the two main locations are Phelps Park on 39th and Chicago (which is also the Boys and Girls Club Southside Village) and at Farview Park on 26th and Lyndale in North Minneapolis.

You can find more information about the All About Family Organization by visiting their website ( or by e-mail Brian at

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