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06 Oct

Childhood Cancer is #1 disease killer of those younger than 20 years of age.  Cancer in children most often forms in the parts of their bodies that are still growing and changing, such as their blood system, brain, and kidneys.  In general, childhood cancers behave differently than adult cancers.  One in every 330 Americans will develop cancer by the age of 20.  Of those 12,500 diagnosed, almost 3,000 will die. 

While great advances have been made in cancer research over the past two decades, only one new cancer drug has been approved for pediatric use.  Only 3% of the National Cancer Institute Budget goes toward Pediatric Cancer Research and in 2005, the American Cancer Society provided only 1.85% of dollars spent on research to pediatric cancer.

It doesn’t take long to find personal stories of families impacted by childhood cancer.  One of those stories is about a young boy named Isaac Matthew Lieser.  He was diagnosed in 2007 with Neuroblastoma.  He fought through many rounds of treatment and hospital stays, but passed away in January 2008.  That same month, the Isaac’s Journey Foundation was founded.  You can read Isaac’s story here.

The mission of the Isaac’s Journey…where HOPE begins Foundation is to educate and raise awareness of Childhood Cancer and help fund research projects.  Isaac’s Journey Founder, and Isaac’s mother, Linda Lieser says “We HOPE to change cure rates for our future generation as every advancement in curing childhood cancer has come through research.” 

Since the Foundation began over $45,000 has been raised to sponsor an endowment chair with the University of MN to fund STRICTLY Childhood Cancer Research.  In 2010 they hope to donate another $30,000 or more towards the fund! 

Another important vision of Isaac’s Journey is to find a corporate sponsor (or sponsors) that will display the Gold ribbon symbol on their products giving the visibility to childhood cancer that it deserves in hopes to educate all people across the world.

Isaac’s Journey has many interesting opportunities to help their cause, including:

  • Chili Feed Fundraisers
    • Click here for pictures from the 2010 Chili Feed!
    • The 2011 Chili Feed is planned for March 26, 2011.
  • Run, Bike, Rollerblade HOPE Run
    • The 2011 Run is July 16, 2011 – watch the website for details.
  • Blood/Marrow Drives
    • Isaac’s Foundation looks forward to and will continue to sponsor and support future blood/marrow drives when the required minimum attendance is met.  Please contact Linda if you would like to help make a drive possible.
  • Cookbook Fundraiser
    • Order their great NEW Cookbook here
  • Stuck-For-A-Buck
    • The foundation is currently looking for schools to sponsor a “Stuck for a Buck” to sponsor Isaac’s Foundation. Last year, students raised over $1,000 combined with many having the opportunity to ‘stick’ faculty to support Childhood Cancer Research. Schools interested in joining us in this fun and exciting event can email Linda.
  • Poster Contest
    • In September a poster contest was held in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Watch for the winners to be posted on their website.
  • Purchase hats, shirts or other items from their online store.
  • Make a donation online.
  • Visit and support their current sponsors.
  • You can also contact Isaac’s Foundation to volunteer for any of their events.

Linda says, “Your support and contributions make all the difference in Isaacs Journey and are greatly appreciated.  Whether you are participating in one of our fundraising events or volunteering to help make it a success, your voice in raising awareness and educating others of the effects of Childhood Cancer are crucial.”

Not only is Linda the founder of this amazing organization, she also competed in the 2010-2011 International Queen of Hope Pageant.  The Queen of HOPE Pageant ™ is an international fundraising and volunteer organization working to benefit cancer awareness and research.  Starting in 2010, the pageant went from solely recognizing Breast Cancer to recognizing multiple cancers, including Childhood Cancer.  Linda won the very first Gold Ribbon Crown in honor of Isaac’s Foundation when she was crowned, Mrs. Worldwide Queen of Hope in July 2010. 

Learn more about Isaac’s Foundation at their website,  You can also e-mail the Founder, Linda Lieser, or call them at 320-249-3993.  They are located in Central Minnesota but they support others internationally.


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