Tabitha DeGruy – A Five Oh 4 Uplifting

02 Nov

Some people have every reason in the world to be crabby but it seems like in many cases those are the people who appear the most happy!  One such woman is Tabitha DeGruy.  She was born without a right arm, a left hard that is half the length of a normal arm, and at 9 months old her right leg had to be amputated.  She spent the first three years of her life were spent living in Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana due to birth abnormalities.

In October 1992, Tabitha started an organization called The Second Wind Club.  In 2007 they re-organized.  Tabitha remembers, “After a few hours we had a new name for our mission and a stronger game plan.  My life has been a truly blessed one and it’s only fitting that I share my blessings with others.”  The new organization is called A Five Oh 4 Uplifting.  They create goody bags, cards and “uplifting mail” for children in hospitals, children and adults battling any illness or disability, and children and women living in homeless shelters.  “We uplift anyone in need,” describes Tabitha. 

In addition to the goody bags and mail sent through her own organization, Tabitha also uplifts spirits through other organizations such as Make A Child Smile, Spirit Jump, Send Love Today, and Chemo Angels.

You can help Tabitha reach her goal of uplifting spirits and making others smile by sending donations of postage.  She will also accept donations of goody bag items.  You can find her address listed on her website

Learn more about Tabitha and her organization Afiveoh4uplifting at her website.  You can also watch a news story about Tabitha from KSAT – San Antonio here.

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