Kids Are Heroes

30 Nov

Sometimes I hear stories about today’s youth that make me wonder how the world will survive when that generation grows up.  But more often lately I have been hearing stories that make me realize that those are just bad eggs and the majority of youth today are good.  What is even better is that many kids today have a great heart and a giving spirit!  For example, remember our recent profile of Nicole who started Neighbors-4-Neighbors to collect food for food pantries across the country?  Or  Simone who started St Louis Volunteen to share and promote volunteer opportunities for young people?  Or Maria who started the Read Indeed book drive to collect a million books for kids in need?     

One organization working to showcase kids who do amazing things for other people is Kids Are Heroes.  This organization promotes the act of giving back to our youth.  The heroes profiled on the organization’s website serve as an inspiration to other kids to make a difference, not by telling them what to do, but by helping them find their passion and supporting them along the way. 

According to a post that co-founder Gabe O’Neill wrote on his blog about the beginning of Kids Are Heroes, “The concept is that parents lead their children to the site and the kids form their own ideas on how they can get involved.  Once they see what other kids are doing and how easy it is, they also become inspired to help.  Case in point: one of our neighbors (his name is John and he is 8 years old) who saw the site told his mom that he wants to do something too.  He is a real animal lover but he inherently knew that lots of people are already helping animals.  There aren’t many kids helping families with premature babies (John was premature himself).  So that is his cause – he has started an aluminum can drive to buy gift bags for families at hospitals who have ‘preemies’.  He is going to solicit Boyd’s Bears for clothing and ask people to knit little hats.  This is exactly what the website was designed to do.”

Since the website began in 2008, they have profiled over 150 children from four different countries!  Some of the projects include collecting items, such as cell phones, food, or blankets; campaigns to stop using plastic bags; garage sale fundraisers; and many more!  In addition to the profiles, the organization also hosts an annual Kids Are Heroes Day.  To read about Kids Are Heroes Day 2010, check out this post on O’Neill’s blog.

You can help Kids Are Heroes by sharing their website with others – especially those who work with children or have children.  You can also support the causes of the heroes profiled on their site or nominate a hero yourself!

You can find the Kids Are Heroes website at  You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook or You Tube

Watch for more of the Kids Are Heroes kids to be profiled on the Blogunteer in the future!


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