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02 Dec

Kids seem to notice so much more than adults do.  There have been times where I am driving down the road and one of my kids notices a bus or construction site that I didn’t realize was there.  Or walking through the grocery store and my child notices a picture of a cow or chicken on the wall that I never even noticed in all the years I shopped there.  Today’s charity was started because a child noticed something…

On a chilly Thanksgiving Day in 2004, 4-year-old Hannah Turner was helping serve dinner to the needy at the Cherry Street Mission in Toledo, Ohio.  In the middle of the hustle and bustle of doing her part to fill plates, she tugged on her mother Doris’ sweater.  “Mommy, won’t his feet be cold?”  Hannah had focused on a man in line wearing shoes that had split open to reveal he had no socks on, and her small face reflected concern.

Doris tried to reassure her: “His shoes will keep his toes warm.” She didn’t know how they could help with all staff focused on the meal, and she didn’t want her daughter carrying a burden.  Hannah — too smart, too big of heart — was unconvinced.  “Mommy, he can have my socks,” she said.

That next day, Doris took Hannah to purchase and distribute socks to local shelters. The following two years, they were able to collect and donate over 100 pairs around Toledo.  Over two more years, and with amazing support from friends and family, they distributed nearly 10,000 total pairs of socks to partner shelters.

Doris and husband Vic quickly discovered that of all the materials donated to shelters, new socks and undergarments are given the least and needed the most. They created Hannah’s Socks with the goal of addressing that problem.

In 2010, Hannah’s Socks has set a goal of collecting and distributing 150,000 pairs of socks.  According to their website as of today they are about 25,000 pair away from their goal…so how can you help?

  • Make a financial donation on the organization’s website.  A $5 donation can provide 7 pair of socks to people in need.  A $50 donation can provide socks, pajamas and underwear to 4 homeless children.
  • Host a neighborhood sock party.  Click here for sock party suggestions.
  • Collecting socks is a great alternative to a gift exchange at your upcoming holiday party.
  • Host a sock drive at your church, school, or workplace.  Hannah’s Socks has a full Sock Drive Packet to help you get started!
  • You can also find a sock drop off spot on their website
  • Donate something from the organization’s needs list.
  • For those in the Toledo area, Hannah’s Socks also has volunteer opportunities.  Please check their website for details.

You can learn more about Hannah’s Socks on their website (  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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