The Baby Effect

18 Jan

At a typical baby shower, an expectant mother gets more blankets and onsies than she will probably ever need.  Then there are the adorable outfits that the baby only wears once or twice because they grow so fast in those first months.  Now, imagine all those children who are born into the word with nothing.  Today’s organization gives new and expectant mothers the opportunity to help others through the birth of her child. 

The Baby Effect encourages us to celebrate new births by making donations to invaluable child-related charities at home and around the world.  New parents are encouraged to spread the word using a Baby Effect enclosure card in their birth announcement.  This offers friends and family the option to donate to The Baby Effect charities in honor of their child’s birth. 

The Baby Effect organization came to life after three moms watched the Girl Effect video and knew they had to get involved.  Cynthia Pillsbury, who was eight months pregnant with her third child, knew her unborn daughter could make a positive footprint in the world by just being born and knew she needed to spread that message to other like-minded mothers. Luckily Cynthia had two friends who were just as passionate about the idea that every birth can spark a world of change. The three joined forces to create The Baby Effect. 

The Baby Effect’s mission is to provide and improve the basic health rights of new mothers and their babies.  The organization champions a select set of charities through Global Giving.  Global Giving undertakes all pre-screening of the charities and distribution of donated funds.  According to The Baby Effect co-founder Pillsbury, “We act as a filter, we comb the web to find charities that share our goal of improving the lives of babies and mothers both nationally and globally. We do not take any donations to The Baby Effect but instead act as an ambassador of other charities that share our objective.” 

How can you help? 

  • Individuals can visit the organization’s website and choose a charity that is supported by Global Giving and make a donation.
  • You can also host a virtual baby shower and offer The Baby Effect donation opportunity to attendees. 
  • Expectant mothers can download an enclosure card to send along with their baby’s birth announcement.  It is a simple way to communicate your desire to share your good fortune with others less fortunate. Every birth can spark a world of change.
  • If you have a mommy or baby related blog, tell your readers how they can join The Baby Effect movement
  • You can also spread the word about The Baby Effect on Facebook and TwitterClick here to spread the word by tweeting this post!

Learn more about The Baby Effect on their website,  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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