Hope Phones

27 Jan

500,000 mobile phones are discarded per day in the United States!  Instead of filling up landfills or taking up space in your junk drawer, you can send it in – for free – to support today’s organization, Hope Phones.  

The mission of the Hope Phones campaign is to support mobile health projects around the world, helping create connected, coordinated health systems that save more lives while reducing e-waste caused by improperly discarded phones.

Hope Phones was created by Medic Moblie (formerly FrontlineSMS:Medic), a nonprofit organization that develops and implements open-source mobile health tools.  After hearing how many mobile phones were being discarded each day, Medic Moble partnered with a recycling company to give those phones a new life on the frontline of global health.  Any cell phone can be recycled, whether they work or not! 

To really understand the project, watch a five minute video presentation by Josh Nesbit, co-founder of Medic Mobile.

How can you help?
• First, dig those old cell phones out of your junk drawer or your kid’s toy bin and send them in.  You can even print a free shipping label at  It couldn’t be easier!  If you wish, you can also delete your data from your phone prior to donating by following this link.
• Groups can also sponsor larger phone collection campaigns.  Request collection materials at
• Spread the word!  If just one percent of the cell phones discarded in the United States in one year were recycled via Hope Phones, they could provide cell phones to one million community health care workers.  Tweet this post or suggest the Facebook page to your friends!

Old phones are worth $20 on average, and smart phones are worth $60-80; one old donated Blackberry provides funds to equip six community health workers with new mobile phones, improving medical care for 300 families.

Learn more about Hope Phones at their website  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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