The Princess Alexa Foundation

08 Feb

Kids love to play dress up.  I frequently have an animal or a super hero running around my house!  Today’s organization celebrates this spirit of imagination for seriously ill children through dress up and play.

In June of 2008, Crys Aigner sat with her very sick daughter Alexa in a hospital room at Children’s Hospital in Dallas.  Alexa, who was wearing a princess outfit, turned to her and said, “Mom, I want to go to a pink park and I want a new pink dress.”  Alexa listed off several more things which her mom promptly wrote on a large piece of paper and hung up in the hospital room with the title, “Things I Want To Do When I Get Better”.  Sadly, a week later Alexa passed away, but that list lived on with her mom.

Crys Aigner founded The Princess Alexa Foundation in August 2008 in memory of her daughter Alexa Aigner, a beautiful 4-year-old girl who loved dressing up to escape the reality of cancer.  The mission of The Princess Alexa Foundation is to build that pink park and to carry Alexa’s love of dress up to other kids like her.  The foundation celebrates the childhood spirit of seriously ill children through dress up and play.  The key word there is “celebrate”- every day of life for these children should be celebrated and that is the main idea the organization wants to promote.

They are based in Keller, Texas, so that is where they are planning to build Alexa’s pink park.  They have given the park the name “Remember to Play” park and even have some concept drawings for a wheelchair accessible park.  You can see the drawing as well as a list of sponsors here.

The playground is just one of the programs offered by this organization.  They also collect donations for several Dress Up Closets around the state of Texas.  These closets allow seriously ill children staying in the hospital to pick out and keep a dress up outfit.  In addition, the Dress Up Delivery program allows people to request a Dress Up Delivery for a sick child and it will be shipped right to their door.

How can you help?

They are always in need of new costumes and accessories for boys and girls in sizes 2 through 10.  You can mail donations to the PO Box listed on their website.

They also accept cash donations either for the playground or their dress up program via PayPal.

You can learn more about The Princess Alexa Foundation at their website,  There are some great videos on their website, including one featuring a fun dress up party at a local hospital.  You can also connect with them on Facebook or via e-mail.

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One response to “The Princess Alexa Foundation

  1. Angela

    February 10, 2012 at 11:52 am

    It is so sad when someone dies, but when it is a child it is more so! I love what you do on this blog and when I get off work in a bit I am going to go look at this foundation. Thank you for sharing it!



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