Kindness: Pay It Forward

21 May

Today we have another guest post for my series on kindness.  Today’s post is by Kelsey Ohme, an Outreach Manager at Metro Meals on Wheels; an association of 37 Meals on Wheels programs serving the Twin Cities, Minnesota metro area.  Kelsey’s work at Metro Meals on Wheels has focused on recruiting and engaging the next generation of diverse volunteers to meet the growing need for Meals on Wheels in the Twin Cities. 

Meet Norm.

Norm is able to live independently in his own home in Maple Grove, Minnesota with the help of Meals on Wheels

Having lived in outstate Minnesota for most of his life, Norm actually delivered meals at a rural
Meals on Wheels program many years ago and fondly remembers his time volunteering as a way to
give back and connect with members of his community.

As life often does, Norm’s life has come full circle as he is now a recipient of Meals on Wheels. He
started receiving Meals on Wheels a couple of years ago after struggling with serious health issues.
At that time, he moved to the Twin Cities and his doctor recommended he receive Meals on Wheels
so that he would have a regular and nutritious meal on a daily basis to help him regain his health.

But for Norm and many others, Meals on Wheels is much more than a meal. Meals on Wheels is
about spreading kindness to seniors and individuals with disabilities who might otherwise be socially
isolated and lonely. By delivering Meals on Wheels you are sharing a smile, kind words, and a sense
of community with your neighbors. Many years ago, Norm was able to spread kindness to his
neighbors by delivering Meals on Wheels, and now he enjoys the friendly greetings his Meals on
Wheels volunteers bring him on a daily basis along with his meal.

Meals on Wheels conducted a survey of their clients and 40% of the respondents said the meal
delivery volunteer is the only person they see on an average day. When you think about that
statistic, it highlights why the kindness of a volunteer is so important in the lives of Meals on Wheels
recipients. Often times when volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels the client is waiting at the door in
anticipation of the meal, but even more so, to greet and chat with the volunteer who is delivering the

We invite you to learn more about Meals on Wheels and the many ways you can help spread
kindness to your neighbors at

“Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the volunteers who deliver the meals. If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t live at home” —Meals on Wheels Recipient


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