The Diaper Drive

04 Oct
The Diaper Drive

I cheered when my youngest child was potty trained and we no longer needed diapers in our house.  While I hated buying, changing, and disposing of diapers, I am glad I didn’t have to worry about affording diapers.  A healthy change of diapers can cost $75 to $100 or more per child per month.  Many safety net programs do not cover diaper expenses.  Today’s organization is working to make a difference.  

When Jason and Kristen Grode were cleaning out closets, they found a bunch of leftover diapers.  Kristin started researching where to donate open packs of diapers and found that there was a huge need for diapers in their area.  She also found that no one was advocating for this need in her community, but other communities did have diaper banks.  She decided that she wanted to bring a diaper bank to her community and The Diaper Drive was born. 

Founded in May of 2010, The Diaper Drive is based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  They also have branches in several other areas of Minnesota as well as Fargo, North Dakota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  They also have plans to expand into Wisconsin and Iowa soon.  Their mission is to work with the public to collect and distribute diapers to local families in need.  Their motto is “No Child Wet Behind.” 

The organization does not give diapers directly to individuals; instead they work with many other 501c3 nonprofit organizations that already serve families in need of some support.  Since their founding, they have collected and donated nearly half a million diapers.  If you or someone you know is in need of diapers, The Diaper Drive website does list several agencies that can help individuals directly.  The agency page also provides information for other organizations to sign up to partner with The Diaper Drive. 

How can you help?

  • The Diaper Drive has several drop off locations throughout the areas they serve.  You can find an updated list on their website.
  • Volunteers are always needed to help with fundraising events and diaper drives.  They also have opportunities to come to their office to sort and repackage diaper donations.
  • Volunteers are also needed for marketing as well as setting up diaper drives at local churches and businesses. 
  • An updated list of volunteer opportunities can be found on their website.
  • You can also make a donation to support their mission on their website.
  • Individuals and groups are always welcome to run a drive of their own to collect diapers.  There are great materials to support your drive on their Diaper Drive 101 page.

You can learn more about The Diaper Drive on their website,  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail

For those not in the service area of The Diaper Drive, you can visit the National Diaper Bank Network to find an organization near you. 

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