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Modest Needs

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, scheduling bill payments and trips to the grocery store around their next payday and having a constant fear that something, anything, could happen to cause an imbalance in your monthly income and expenses.  A layoff, large medical bill, car repair, or broken appliance could be all that stands in the way of paying the bills for a month (or longer).  Today’s organization is trying to help those hard-working individuals and families with their needs. 

University professor Dr. Keith P. Taylor wanted to help two, three, or maybe four people by sharing 10% of his own salary each month.  He quickly realized that his mission could be bigger than just one person.  More people could be helped and more people could contribute.  In 2002, Modest Needs and the technology behind it was born. 

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is a non-profit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of low-income workers by making grants that help them to afford short-term, emergency expenses.  The organization recognizes a gap in the social “safety net” that leaves low-income but generally self-sufficient individuals and families without access to small amounts of short-term assistance.  Instead, the typical social safety nets offer long-term assistance after an individual or family has fallen deep into the cycle of poverty. 

Modest Needs uses grants to fill this need.  The grants are meant to help prevent an individual or family from entering the cycle of poverty, restore self-sufficiency of those who are willing to work but temporarily unemployed, or empower permanently disadvantaged individuals who have been hit with a temporary, unexpected financial setback related to their medical conditions.  In addition, grants are made to strengthen small non-profit organizations by providing a tool to ask the general public for the help they need to complete small projects to allow them to better serve their clients and communities. 

Since 2002, Modest Needs’ donors have stopped the cycle of poverty for 10,620 hard-working individuals and families throughout the United States and Canada that conventional philanthropy otherwise had forgotten.  Each request for a grant is made by the individual and reviewed through a rigorous screening process by Modest Needs to determine their eligibility and legitimacy of their request.  Then it is made public on the Modest Needs website to allow any donor to fund that a portion or the entire request.  Once the grant is funded, the money is given toward the specific emergency expense.  You can read the stories of some of the recipients on the organization’s website.

How can you help?

  • Take a look at the list of current requests for help.  Even giving small amounts such as $5, $10 or $25 toward a specific request will make a difference.  Contributions quickly add up to the total of the grant request.
  • You can also spread the word about the program by sharing their brochure or directing people to this blog post.  The more donors there are; the more of a difference they can make. 
  • Consider giving a Modest Needs gift certificate for a gift. 
  • You can also make a donation to the Modest Needs general fund by clicking on the Donate button on their website.

To learn more about Modest Needs, visit their website at  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Cleaning for a Reason

When my mom was going through treatment for cancer, I saw firsthand how draining it is.  My mom had no energy after treatments.  Luckily my dad was able to keep the house clean.  Today’s organization fills a need for those women in treatment that don’t have someone to help with house cleaning.

Cleaning for a Reason recruits maid services all over the country to give away free housecleaning services to women who are battling cancer.  They are the only non-profit offering housecleaning to women with cancer.  According to Debbie Sardone, Founder of Cleaning for a Reason, “As a maid service owner, I understood this need and wanted to do something about it, not just in my own home town, but all across the nation, so Cleaning For A Reason was born.”

The organization partners with cleaning services around the United States and Canada.  They are close to having 1,000 partner services around the country offering free cleaning services to women undergoing cancer treatment.  Since their founding in 2006, over 4,500 women have received free housecleaning services through the program. 

If you or someone you know is undergoing cancer treatment, you can search for partners of Cleaning for a Reason on their website.  If you are a maid service and would like to sign up as a partner, you can fill out a form on the website to start discussing the possibility.

Others can also help by shopping in the Cleaning for a Reason e-store.  A variety of items are available including apparel, pins, mugs, camp chairs and more!

Learn more about Cleaning for a Reason on their website,  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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