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Pink Purse Project

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”  ~Desiderius Erasmus

I was reminded of this quote when I was writing about today’s organization.  They are giving light – in the form of a purse – to women in need.

Cerise Lewis began the Pink Purse Project as a one-time project where a small group of 15 women gathered to fill purses with soap, deodorant, lotion, hair products, and other women’s necessities.  The purses were then taken to the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota to women who are homeless or in need.  Each purse provided a gift of encouragement to the recipients and touched the women who delivered them.  In 2009, Cerise decided to continue the project and open it up to the community as an opportunity to donate purses and women’s toiletries and prepare and distribute these items to women in need.  Their primary goal is to help women overcome their current negative circumstances and be empowered to fulfill their purpose for life.

The vision of the Pink Purse Project is to empower women to become effective, assertive and confident by building self-esteem and teaching women how to cultivate and leverage their individual skills and abilities to positively impact their life and become influential community leaders.  The mission of the Pink Purse Project is to empower and encourage women to become assertive and confident by building their self esteem and giving them a brighter outlook on their life and the future.

This organization is unique because they give women a sense of hope through a gift of a filled purse and words of encouragement.  Women are supporting other women and encouraging them to move forward in their lives.  Their board consists of all women and their distribution sites are all for women and/or girls.  They collect an average of 500-1000 purses and a minimum of 2,000 individual toiletries each year.  In 2012, they have a goal to purchase a truck to make their organization mobile.  This will allow them to bring their entire stock of purses to the women they support so each woman can choose their own purse.

How can you help?

  • The Pink Purse Project has opportunities to help with sorting and preparation of purses for distribution four times each year.  You can watch their website for details.
  • They always accept donations of toiletries and purses at their Minneapolis location or you can arrange a pick up.  You can even coordinate a collection drive.  Take a look at their website for a current list of needs.
  • You can also contact The Pink Purse Project to host a Purse Party where you can collect purses with friends and learn about the organization at the same time.
  • You can also make a monetary donation on their website via PayPal.
  • In addition, they are always doing distributions and welcome volunteers to help.

You can learn more about The Pink Purse Project on their website,  You can also connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Clutch for Cause

I am a woman who finds a purse I like and uses it until it falls apart.  But I know many women who have multiple purses they switch between or even stop using once the season passes.  Get those purses out of your closet for a great cause!

Clutch for Cause is an organization that is finding a new life for gently used purses.  They are a nonprofit organization focused on helping single parents and their children by acting as a referral service to numerous government agencies, legal services, organizations, and companies.  A parent may be looking for someone to talk to about getting child support, child custody, medical assistance, financial assistance, day care, or some other service.  Clutch can also help with questions about parental rights.

Clutch founder Amy Wollmuth is a single mother herself and is aware of the struggles single parenthood can cause at times.  She states, “the growing number of single parent households throughout the U.S. is alarming and something needs to be done to reverse the trend.  My goal in starting Clutch is to reach those who normally don’t ask for help and raise awareness that being a single parent is not an easy task by any means. In the end, it’s the amazing and innocent children that are missing out.  Clutch is here to help the parents so that they can continue to raise our next generation of strong, independent children.”

The goal at Clutch is to stay focused, be reliable and respectable. Amy continues, “We will continue to be motivated because we are working together to change lives.  As long as there are single parents raising amazing children, Clutch will be here to lend a helping hand and grow with them.”

Clutch is also in the process of setting up a support group for single parents.  This will be a regularly scheduled meeting situated in different communities throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota metro area.  It will be an opportunity for parents to meet others in the same situation as them and provide everyone with a place to go to relax, have fun and help each other.  Children will be welcome at these meetings.

Clutch is giving Purses a better Purpose!  The purses serve as a fun marketing idea.  They provide a simple way to donate to Clutch – either by purchasing a purse or by giving some that have been tucked away in a closet.  According to Amy, “Our plan is to always use this idea for marketing, but not to rely on it for income.”

Clutch for Cause is based in Richfield, Minnesota and is currently available to help single parents throughout Minnesota.  They have plans to eventually expand their services across the United States.

How can you help?

  • Dig through your own closet and donate a gently used purse.
  • Make a monetary donation via their website.
  • Shop the Clutch eBay Store for purses!
  • Hold a purse collection drive.  The MN Women of Today have had purse donation drives that have collected over 250 purses so far. The MN School of Business and sororities at the University of Minnesota have also donated purses from holding their own purse drives.
  • Spread the word about Clutch for Cause by sharing this post.

Learn more about Clutch for Cause at their website,  You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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